Genovese x Ouellette

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One board to rule them all… this could be your quiver killer.  Designed by Sean Genovese to ride in every situation, this board is an easy choice for those that want it all.  This season’s model celebrates the workhorses; the ones that work their asses off; the DIGGERS.  True snowboard addicts.  They are the first on the mountain and the last ones off.  Each size in this model is a guest pro model graphic with a story each of its own.  This size (154 cm) is in collaboration with Lucas Ouellette. 

If Lucas doesn’t have a rake in hand, he’s probably behind the sticks of the cat for Arena Snow Parks.  Lucas is a big kid that plays with big kid toys, loves Halloween, playing with fire, and collecting skulls (pictured in the matte layer on the top sheet graphic).  While on a summer trip, Lucas and his family narrowly missed a fire that ripped through their campground, burning everything in its path.  The Burnt wood pictured on the base was photographed by his wife, Ashley, on a return trip to the area the next summer.  Nothing like a close call to make you feel alive!

Flex = 4

Goldicam“Ah, this camber is just right,” says everyone that ever rides this camber profile.  It’s flat from tip to tail, letting you take control of every situation, but doesn’t lack the liveliness you need for pop, or stability.

SINtered base – A strong, high-density base with micropores that hold wax.  It requires a regular waxing schedule.  It’s our fastest and most durable base material.

Elliptical sidecut – A blend of multiple radiuses from tip to tail that contours to the mountain, helping initiate turns and power out of them.

D-Twin – A longer nose than tail, with sidecut and insert packs that are centred between the contact points.


LENGTH (cm) 154
TIP WIDTH (cm) 29.4
WAIST WIDTH (cm) 24.8
TAIL WIDTH (cm) 29.4
SIDECUT RADIUS (m) 7.8 / 7.4 / 7.8
WIDTH Regular

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Artists // @SeanGenovese & @AshleyNagyOuellette