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The Bogart board might look unassuming at first until you get it out on the snow… that’s where it comes to life and shows its true colors; literally, in the case of this seasons graphic! Color-changing ink turns blue when it’s exposed to UV light! This freestyle gem for men and women alike has been hiding right in front of you the entire time.

Flex = 4

**The DWD flex rating is on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest. The rating for each is in comparison to the rest of the DWD collection.

Goldie camber“Ah, this camber is just right,” says everyone that ever rides this camber profile. It’s flat from tip to tail, letting you take control of every situation, but it doesn’t lack the liveliness you need for pop, or stability.

SINtered base – A robust and high-density base with micropores that hold wax. It requires a regular waxing schedule. It’s our fastest and most durable base material.

Single Radius sidecut – based on a single radius from contact point to contact point. This style produces one evenly arced turn.

T-Twin – The nose and tail length are the same with sidecut and insert packs that are centered between the contact points.


LENGTH (cm) 146 152 155
EFFECTIVE EDGE (cm) 109.0 115.0 118.0
NOSE WIDTH (cm) 28.8 29.4 29.6
WAIST WIDTH (cm) 24.4 24.7 24.9
TAIL WIDTH (cm) 28.8 29.4 29.6
SIDECUT RADIUS (m) 7.0 7.4 7.6
WIDTH Regular Regular Regular



Pro Model // Ben Bogart, @BenBogart

Artist // Mike Gonsalves / Zeachman, @zeachman_